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Jazsmin Lewis

Role: Gabriele Winters

Bria Murphy

Role: Asia

Tommy Ford

Role: Jordan Winters


Executive Producers:

Bradley Alexander, Carolyn Alexander & Tommy Ford

Dorien Wilson

Role: Samson

Karen Malina White

Role: Gabriele's Mother

Carl Payne

Role: Mark

Viviane Brazil

Role: Vivienne

Mark Christopher Lawrence

Role: Rich

Miguel A. Nunez Jr.

Role: Daryl

Gladys Nyloth

Role: Tasha

Donne Lawson

Role: Jonathan

Amy J. Smith

Role: Rachael

Helen Banks

Role: Katherine

Marissa Ford

Role: Yasmin

Jasimine Brown

Role: Young Gabrile

Ary Katz

Role: Donte

Gigi Bolden

Role: Annie

Rodney Perry

Role: Tristin

Kanisha Buss

Role: Linda

Barry Wiggins

Role: Ryan

Jesse Raudales

Role: Raul

Sherida Devine

Role: Chelsea

Jack A. Daniels

Role: Jack Daniels

Shayla Love

Role: Evelyn

Jeryl Prescott

Role: Mrs. Simmons

Adam Harris

Role: Paul

Derek Green

Role: Louis

Stefen Micko

Role: Micko

Carey Durrell

Role: Adrian

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